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    Adam BEN SHEM

    Dino MORAS

    Gabor PAPAI


    Patrick SCHULTZ

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    Alexandre FRECHARD

    Maximilien WERDERER

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    Corinne CRUCIFIX

    Sophie JACQUEMIN

    Simon PICHARD

    Danièle SPEHNER

Integrated structural Biology

Architecture of nucleoprotein systems by 3-D Electron Microscopy      

Our team deciphers the three-dimensional organization of macromolecular complexes by using high resolution cryo- Electron Microscopy (EM) to visualize single molecules in their native state and image analysis to extract signal from noise. We study how basal transcription factors interact with the promoter of protein-encoding genes and analyze the transmission of activation signals mediated by cis-acting transcription factors towards the basal transcription machinery in order to trigger increased transcription. The study of different intermediate states reveals snapshots of dynamic processes that highlight the conformational changes of these nanomachines during transcription initiation. These approaches were applied to several molecular systems including the SAGA and TFIID coactivators, but also to other systems such as TFIIH, TFIIE, RNA Polymerase I, DNA Topoisomerase II or HIV integrase, in collaboration mainly with IGBMC team leaders. As part of an integrated vision of cellular structural biology we analyze the organization of transcription within the nuclei of rod photoreceptors. The biological system used is a mouse model of a human disease: the type 7 Spinocerebellar Ataxia. Chromatin organization, histone modification and transcriptional activity were correlated in this context.

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