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    Audrey MATIFAS

Development and stem cells

Single cell biophysics of growth and proliferation

Homeostasis is a fundamental feature of living systems. Cells can both sense and adapt to their external environment, and achieve a fine control over intracellular processes. Following decades of research combining genetic and biochemical approaches, the pathways involved in the response to various stresses have been thoroughly characterized at the molecular level. Yet a quantitative description of the dynamics of signaling cascades and their integration with other essential cellular modules -such as the cell division cycle- is still largely missing. In the recent years, conceptual tools borrowed from the Physical Sciences, such as the theory of dynamical systems and statistical physics, have spread to Biology to refine our understanding of information processing at the cellular level : how does the cell extract reliable information out of a signal that is usually noisy? how does it produce a robust output? How do particular dynamical properties emerge from the architecture of regulatory networks? These arising questions, which require a much more quantitative level of analysis, have been concomitant with the explosion of live imaging methods as well as the emergence of microfluidics techniques. In this context, building up on previous experience with the study of the cell cycle regulatory network in budding yeast, our group intends to combine yeast genetics and physical modeling with innovative biophysical assays to revisit various aspects of cellular homeostasis at the single cell level in a quantitative manner. Specific interest include the response to stress and the development of novel biophysical techniques to study replicative aging in yeast.


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