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Tracking genome transcription with single-nucleotide precision by native elongating transcript sequencing (NET-seq)

Dr Andreas MAYER
MPI for molecular genetics, Germany

Thursday, June 28th 2018 - 11 a.m. - Conference room E1031, CBI
Hosted by L. Tora team

We and others have recently developed a high-resolution genome-wide approach for mammalian cells, called native elongating transcript sequencing (NET-seq), which provides a quantitative measure of transcribing RNA polymerase at single-nucleotide resolution. Application of NET-seq uncovers new general aspects of RNA polymerase II (Pol II) transcription in human cells, including a new class of antisense transcription that we call convergent antisense transcription (Mayer et al., Cell, 2015). This newly discovered Pol II transcriptional activity predominantly occurs at promoter-proximal regions of lower-expressed genes, is associated with a distinct chromatin structure and leads to an unappreciated class of non-coding RNAs.

Recently, we have combined NET–seq with induced in vivo protein degradation to investigate the role of BET bromodomain proteins in the regulation of Pol II transcription. Rapid BET degradation in human cells leads to a global collapse of productive transcription elongation without affecting genomic P-TEFb localization. This line of research establishes BET proteins as master regulators of productive transcription elongation.

 In my talk, I will (i) introduce the NET-seq approach, (ii) highlight selected key aspects of Pol II transcription as revealed by NET-seq and (iii) present evidence for BET bromodomain proteins to function as master regulators of processive transcription elongation.

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