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Mining networks to study rare and common diseases


Friday, December 13th 2019 - 2 p.m. - Meeting room 3013, ICS
Hosted by Yann HERAULT

Networks are scaling-up the analysis of gene and protein functions, thereby offering new avenues to study the diseases in which these macromolecules are involved. I will discuss the exploration of -omics networks containing thousands of physical and functional interactions between genes and proteins. In particular, we now focus on multiplex networks, i.e., networks composed of layers containing the same nodes but different interaction categories, such as protein-protein interactions, molecular complexes or correlations of expression.

We develop algorithms (e.g., community detections, random walks) to explore these large and complex biological networks, integrate information (e.g., expression), and mine the functional knowledge they contain. I will show how we use these tools to study rare and common genetic diseases, in particular premature aging diseases and diseases-disease comorbidity relationships.


Selected Associated publications

The DREAM Module Identification Challenge Consortium, Choobdar S, Ahsen ME, Crawford J, Tomasoni M, Fang T, et al. Assessment of network module identification across complex diseases. Nature Methods. 2019 Sep;16(9):843–52.

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