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EASD Islet Study Group

Monday, May 18th - Wednesday, May 20th 2020 - Auditorium, IGBMC

Insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells are factories dedicated to produce and secrete impressive amounts of insulin, the only hormone that can decrease circulating glucose levels. Such beta cells are found clustered within the pancreas with other endocrine cells (alpha, delta, PP…) Patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have an insufficiency in their functional pancreatic beta cell mass. To advance diabetes treatment and to work towards a cure, a better understanding of islet cell development, regeneration, function and how to protect the pancreatic beta cells against autoimmune or metabolic assaults (e.g. obesity, gestation) is required.


The EASD Islet Study Group (ISG) is a group of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). ISG organizes yearly scientific meetings that focuse on research into islet biology in diabetes.


The next islet study group workshop is organized by Gerard Gradwohl (Research director IGBMC, Strasbourg), Philippe Froguel (Professor, Metabolic functional (epi)genomics and molecular mechanisms involved in type 2 diabetes and related diseases, Lille) and Raphaël Scharfmann (Research director Institut Cochin, Paris).


Topics will include: islet development, function, regeneration in the context of Diabetes.


Slots are available for short talks selected based on abstracts. The programme includes as well poster sessions.


Registration is mandatory

Deadline March 4th 2020

Registration fee:

400 euros for academics

500 euros for industry


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