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Investments for the Future

In 2010 the French government has put forth a wide-ranging programme "Investments for the Future" with a view to funding outstanding scientific projects throughout France. Thus 5 projects put forward by the IGBMC have been selected. We take pride in this accomplishment which is commensurate with the ceaseless drive for excellence of the Strasbourg scientific and academic community as a whole which has secured many fundings. Most significantly, the University of Strasbourg is among the first three awardees of the "Institute of Excellence" (IdEx).

It is thus noteworthy that the IGBMC has been singled out among the first 100 "Laboratories of Excellence". In keeping with its LabEx INRT (Integrative biology: Nuclear dynamics, Regenerative and Translational medicine) project, the Institute will continue its quest for excellence, thereby enhancing its international prominence and attractiveness. The funding which amounts to 20 million euros will be instrumental in setting up several Chairs of Excellence and recruiting leading scientists in ever-expanding fields such as: nuclear dynamics, epigenetics, integrative structural biology, regenerative and translational medicine and quantitative biology.

The Institute pertains also to 4 structures, awardees of the "Infrastructures in Biology and Health" call for projects:

• The FRISBI project spearheaded by Bruno Klaholz aims at bolstering France's world-leading expertise in integrative structural biology by pooling and equipping the 5 French foremost research centers in this realm: Grenoble, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Marseille and Saclay. As a result, 32 million euros will be allotted to the study of intracellular interactions in order to devise new drug treatments.

• National infrastructure dedicated to the development, analysis and conservation of mouse models, PHENOMIN strives, on the one hand, to unravel the functioning of genes which trigger off diseases and, on the other hand, to test innovative therapies. Led by Yann Hérault, Director of the Mouse Clinical Institute (ICS), this project whose budget amounts to 27 million euros brings together prominent teams specialized in mouse genetics (Strasbourg, Orléans, Villejuif, Marseille). The first Phenomin conference took place on the 28th and the 29th of June 2012 within the IGBMC premises.

• Under the flagship of the CEA, France génomique endeavours to enhance French researchers' expertise in the realms of high-throughput sequencing, genotyping and bioinformatics. The overall budget which is tantamount to 60 million euros will underpin equipment financing in Evry, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Sophia-Antipolis and Strasbourg. At the IGBMC, this project will be brought to fruition by Irwin Davidson in close cooperation with the microarrays & deep sequencing platform. This funding has already proved pivotal in acquiring the Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencing system.

• Benefitting from a budget amounting to 14 million euros, the Ingestem project pools together 5 research teams from Villejuif, Evry, Lyon, Montpellier and Strasbourg in addition to the biotechnology company Ectycell. This structure aims to set up a unique database of stem cells meant for therapeutic use and foster this line of research around an industrial cluster. The availability of this database is bound to bring about major breakthroughs in terms of modelling human diseases and defining new therapeutic protocols. At the IGBMC the project is spearheaded by Olivier Pourquié in close partnership with Laurent Brino and the high-throughput screening platform.

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