Un des tout premiers centres de recherche européens en biomédecine, l'IGBMC se consacre à l'étude du génome des eucaryotes supérieurs et au contrôle de l'expression génétique ainsi qu'à l'analyse de la fonction des gènes et protéines. Ces connaissances sont appliquées à l'étude des pathologies humaines comme le cancer et les maladies génétiques.

Ingénieur H/F

Reference : IGBMC / ING-41

A 2 year engineer position at the Institut de Génétique et de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg, France, to join the group “Architecture of nucleoprotein systems by 3-D Electron Microscopy“, starting from April 2018.


The successful candidate will use genome engineering technologies and establish generic methods for the purification of large multiprotein complexes from mammalian cell lines for cryo-EM applications. He will also develop new protocols based on the use of artificial binders (nanobodies or antibodies) to study macromolecular complexes in their natural environment using emerging methods such as super-resolution microscopy or correlative EM-tomography. Multiprotein complexes in transcription regulation or DNA repair such as the transcription/DNA repair factor TFIIH will be used as model systems.

He/she will benefit from a highly competitive research environment, with a broad range of research and state of the art technological facilities for sample preparation and structural analysis.


Candidates must be highly motivated and have a strong background in molecular biology, cellular biology and protein purification. Experience in cell line engineering, eukaryotic recombinant production, imaging or structural biology is a plus.

Candidates with bachelor, Master or from an engineering school are encouraged.

Votre candidature

To apply, please send your CV, statement of research interest, and names and

contact information for references to :


at : emploi@igbmc.fr under reference IGBMC / ING-41