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Characterization Of Proteins Involved In A Newly Identified Er-Endosome Membrane Contact Site

Reference : PhD Fabien Alpy

Offer publication : Jan. 26, 2018

Eukaryotic cells are partitioned in discrete organelles which allow a division a labor of cellular functions. Organelles are not independent units: they rely on exchanges to fulfill their role; the formation of membrane contact sites (MCSs), where organelle membranes come into close apposition, allow material and information exchanges between cellular compartments. A variety of MCSs where the membranes of two distinct organelles are bridged have been observed in cells. By using an unbiased approach, we have identified new proteins which interact with one another to build a MCS between the endoplasmic reticulum and a sub-population of the endocytic pathway named recycling endosomes.


The proposed project is to characterize this molecular complex allowing ER-endosome tethering, both at the biochemical and cellular level, and to understand the role of ER-endosome contacts for receptor recycling in the endocytic pathway.


- Wished skills: Having good theoretical knowledge in biochemistry, molecular and cell biology. Being motivated by the topic of the laboratory.

- Expertises which will be acquired during the training: Cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry will be the main expertise gained during the thesis. In addition, a good knowledge in Imaging (fluorescence and electron microscopy) should be obtained at the end of this project.

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