IGBMC is one of the leading European centres in biomedical research. It is devoted to the study of higher eukaryotes genome and to the control of genetic expression as well as the functional analysis of genes and proteins. This knowledge is applied to studies of human pathologies.

Post Doc -V. Lamour - M. Ruff Team

Reference : IGBMC / POST DOC

A postdoc position is available in the group of Dr. Valerie Lamour in the Department of Integrated Structural Biology, at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC).

Our research is focused on type II DNA topoisomerases, large molecular machines involved in the regulation of DNA topology during cellular processes like DNA replication, transcription and chromosome segregation. Our group studies the function of DNA topoisomerases nucleoprotein complexes targeted by drugs through an integrated structural biology approach combining x-ray crystallography and high-resolution cryoEM with biochemical analysis.

The IGBMC (http://www.igbmc.fr/) is one of the leading biomedical research institutions in Europe located at the heart of Europe, 2 hours by train to Paris or Frankfurt. The Integrated structural Biology department is coordinating center of the national infrastructure FRISBI (frisbi.eu) and one of the French center for the european infrastructure INSTRUCT-ERIC (structuralbiology.eu), that provides access to cutting-edge facilities in structural biology, including cryo-EM with a Titan Krios electron microscope.

Applicants should have experience in structural biology (x-ray crystallography and/or cryoEM), molecular biology as well as protein expression and purification. First hands-on experience in cryo-electron microscopy would be considered a strong advantage. The position is funded for initially 2 years with the possibility of extension.


For more information: http://www.igbmc.fr/lamour

Your application

Applications including a cover letter outlining research interests, CV, list of publications, and names of 2-3 references should be sent via e-mail to lamourv@igbmc.fr