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Post Doc - B.Klaholz Team

Reference : IGBMC / POST DOC B.K.

Offer publication : Sept. 29, 2020

IGBMC has an open position for a post-doctoral researcher to join the Klaholz group at the Centre for Integrative Biology (http://igbmc.fr/Klaholz).


The group studies the structure and function of protein complexes (ribosome complexes, chromatin complexes, viruses) through integrated structural biology, including biochemical and biophysical methods, crystallography, high resolution cryo-EM, tomography, super-resolution imaging & software developments. Several projects are available for outstanding young scientists who would like to combine these approaches.


We are part of the CBI that provides a state-of-the-art scientific and technological environment in integrated structural biology to address the structure and function of biological systems, notably on gene expression, from the atomic, molecular to the tissue scales. The CBI http://www.igbmc.fr/grandesstructures/cbi/ hosts the French and European Infrastructures for Integrated Structural Biology, FRISBI http://frisbi.eu/, Instruct-ERIC https://www.structuralbiology.eu/  and iNext-Discovery https://inext-discovery.eu/network/inext-d/home which comprises advanced cryo-EM facilities equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation such as cryo electron microscopes including a Titan Krios, a Glacios (under installation), a Polara, cryo Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (cryo-FIB/SEM) and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, see http://frisbi.eu/centers/instruct-center-france-1-igbmc/cryo-electron-microscopy/. The Titan Krios microscope is equipped with K3 camera, Falcon 3 camera, GIF energy filter and phase plate. In addition, the EM facility has a suite of associated equipments for sample preparation and dedicated computing resources for image processing and 3D reconstruction by single particle cryo-EM and cryo electron tomography.


Highly-motivated candidates with a recent PhD or MD/PhD in structural biology and specifically in cryo-EM are encouraged to apply. 


Candidates should have strong expertise in protein biochemistry, in cryo-ET and/or in cryo-EM, image processing & atomic model refinement with various programs; computational skills are a strong plus. The candidate should have excellent writing and communication skills in English, be able to work independently and have a strong team spirit.

Your application

Applications should be sent via email to klaholz@igbmc.fr including CV, list of publications, names of 3 referees and motivation letter. 


The postdoctoral position remains open until filled.

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