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Post Doc - P. Dollé Team

Reference : IGBMC / POST DOC K.W.

Offer publication : April 21, 2021

Role of retinoid X receptors in oligodendrocyte development and function in health and disease.

IGBMC, Department of development and stem cells, Strasbourg (CU), France

Retinoid x receptor gamma (RXRg) acts as a ligand regulated transcription factor and is recognized as the key positive regulator of remyelination in multiple sclerosis (MS), but the mechanism(s) of such activity is not known. Our published and new functional, and genomic data indicate that RXRg plays also an important role as a positive regulator of oligodendrocyte differentiation during development, the process which may involve some known but also new, previously unexpected pathways. The project will focus first on the validation of selected pathways / targets for their importance in oligodendrocyte differentiation and myelination process using siRNA, viral tools associated with transcriptomic analyses in vitro. In the second phase, in vivo validation will be carried out in dedicated existing and new genetic mouse models. The implications of such findings for understanding of MS pathophysiology and future treatments will be inferred from in vitro screens and the analysis of the mouse model of MS.

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Relevant literature of the team:

Huang, J.K., Jarjour, A.A., Nait Oumesmar, B., Kerninon, C., Williams, A., Krezel, W., Kagechika, H., Bauer, J., Zhao, C., Baron-Van Evercooren, A., et al. (2011). Retinoid X receptor gamma signaling accelerates CNS remyelination. Nat Neurosci 14, 45-53.

Baldassarro, V.A., Krężel, W., Fernández, M., Schuhbaur, B., Giardino, L., and Calzà, L. (2019). The role of nuclear receptors in the differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells derived from fetal and adult neural stem cells. Stem Cell Res 37, 101443.

Krężel, W., Rivas, A., Szklenar, M., Ciancia, M., Alvarez, R., de Lera, A.R., and Rühl, R. (2021). Vitamin A5/X, a New Food to Lipid Hormone Concept for a Nutritional Ligand to Control RXR-Mediated Signaling. Nutrients 13.

Your application

Highly motivated candidates skilled in neurodevelopmental analyses of mice models and genomic or proteomic analysis are welcome to apply.

To apply for this 3-year position renewed at one-year basis, please send one PDF document containing your motivation letter, CV with a list of publications and two referent scientists with contact details to : krezel@igbmc.fr

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