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Post Doc - Equipe L.Tora

Reference : IGBMC / POST DOC L.T.

Offer publication : May 25, 2021

Discovering novel transcription regulation principles in mouse oocytes

A post-doctoral position funded by the FRM (French Foundation for the medical research) is available in the group of László Tora at the Institute for Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC) in Strasbourg (France) Our lab's interest is focused on protein complexes involved in transcription initiation and activation as well as in chromatin organization. We have uncovered a new oocyte-specific basal transcription machinery, since during oocyte growth the TATA-binding protein (TBP), a canonical subunit of the TFIID general transcription factor, is replaced by the vertebrate-specific TBP-like protein TBPL2. Our main goals are the functional and structural characterization of the specific TBPL2-containing transcriptional machinery and the understanding of its biological significance during mammalian oocyte growth.


The IGBMC is among the leading European centers of biomedical research. IGBMC offers an international and attractive research environment (~800 persons involved in ~50 research groups, 5 technological platforms and 12 common facilities, including histology, imaging, proteomic, high throughput sequencing, cell culture, bioinformatics, and mouse facilities). It covers a wide range of disciplines and methodologies from cellular and molecular biology, development genetics and translational medicine to bioinformatics. The Tora lab is part of the Development and Stem Cells department.


We are looking for a highly motivated, interactive and experienced candidate with strong expertise in molecular biology and mouse molecular genetics. Additional experience in genomicstranscriptomics, and/or genome-wide data analyses will be valued. In their motivation letters the candidates should describe why they want to join the project and how they think to contribute to the success of the on-going projects.


Expected starting date: fall 2021


Salary depending on the experience: 2000-2500€/month

About us

Related publications of the lab:

Gazdag E, Santenard A, Ziegler-Birling C, Altobelli G, Poch O, Tora L, et al. (2009) TBP2 is essential for germ cell development by regulating transcription and chromatin condensation in the oocyte. Genes and Development. 23, 2210–2223.

Yu C, Cvetesic N, Hisler V, Gupta K, Ye T, Gazdag E, et al., Vincent SD & Tora L. (2020) TBPL2/TFIIA complex establishes the maternal transcriptome through oocyte-specific promoter usage. Nature communications11, 6439.

Your application

Applicants should send a CV and three recommendation letters to:

Dr. Laszlo Tora (laszlo@igbmc.fr) or Dr. Stéphane Vincent (vincent@igbmc.fr)

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