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Post-Doc Position In Neurodevelopmental Biology And Degenerative Diseases

Reference : IGBMC-POD-46


Retinoid X receptor gamma (RXRg) is a key positive regulator of the remyelination process in multiple sclerosis (MS; Huang et al., Nat Neurosci 2011) and a critical determinant of developmental oligodendrocyte differentiation (Baldassarro et al., Stem Cell Res 2019). The mechanisms of such activities are not known. Our preliminary genomic data point to specific signaling peptides and transcription factors as mediators of such beneficial signaling, some of them never associated with oligodendrocyte biology. The objective of the project will be to (1) validate the involvement of such factors in the oligodendrocyte differentiation and myelination process using the siRNA approach in organotypic and/or primary oligodendrocyte cultures and (2) used genomic approaches (ChIP, CoIP, ATACseq) to determine whether RXRg acts as a direct transcriptional regulator of such factors. The relevance of a newly discovered vitamin (Krezel et al., Nutrients 2021) acting as an endogenous RXR agonist will also be tested for its potential to modulate oligodendrocyte differentiation and the myelination process. The implications of such findings for MS treatment will be tested in the following year of the project using the EAE mouse model of MS. 


Highly motivated candidates skilled in molecular, genomic, and/or epigenetic analyses are welcome to apply. Expertise in confocal imaging is encouraged. Excellent English level required. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with the team of Dr Laura Calza at Bologna University (Italy) implying frequent contacts and exchange.

The candidate will benefit from cutting-edge platforms, a dynamic international and multidisciplinary research environment at the IGBMC, and the tri-national region of Upper Rhine at the border of France/Germany/Switzerland. We offer 1-year contract renewable on yearly basis.

Your application

Applications should consist of one PDF document including motivation letter, CV and research accomplishments, contact information for at least two referent scientists. The document should be sent to: krezel@igbmc.fr