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Postdoctoral Position - Minchul Kim Lab/ Nuclear Differentiation In Skeletal Muscle Syncytium

Reference : IGBMC-POD-48

Offer publication : Sept. 23, 2021

The Kim lab is new research group starting at the IGBMC, Strasbourg France in February 2022, and is looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral candidate to join the lab. The successful candidate will be funded by the ATIP-Avenir grant and is expected to start in Spring/Summer of 2022 (negotiable).


Research topic: Skeletal muscle cells represent a peculiar system with hundreds of nuclei in a single shared cytoplasm. Notably, these nuclei are not identical, but can be transcriptionally and functionally specialized to carry out specific tasks within the large cell (Kim et al., 2020, Nature Comm). The overall goal of our project is to understand the mechanisms by which distinct fates of nuclei develop inside the muscle syncytium in various pathophysiological settings (e.g., exercise, ageing, regeneration, cancer and many more). For this, we will take several integrative and interdisciplinary approaches including profiling the epigenomic landscapes of different nuclear subtypes, culturing of isolated primary myofibers, and developing innovative genetic tools.


The ideal candidate should have at least one first-author publication from PhD work, and solid experience in mouse genetics (handling, histology etc) and NGS. Experience in cell culture is also encouraged. Actual experience with muscle or bioinformatics is advantageous, but not essential.

Job specifications

Our lab is located in the Development and Stem Cells Department at the IGBMC, which is equipped with cutting-edge core facilities ranging from imaging, mouse phenotyping/transgenesis and NGS, and with potential for collaboration with many internal labs. Our institute is located at Illkirch, just adjacent to South of Strasbourg.

Your application

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and their CV (including the list of references) to Minchul Kim (merchikim@gmail.com). Funding is available for 2 years, but successful applicants will be expected, and supported, to apply for postdoctoral fellowships. The applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Kim at the above email address in case of further inquiries regarding this position.

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