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M2 Student - Department Of Translational Medicine And Neurogenetics

Reference : IGBMC-M2-49

Offer publication : Oct. 8, 2021

The IGBMC is a leading European center for biomedical research and provides superior facilities and platforms. Strasbourg, the capital of the European Union, is a dynamic city in the heart of Europe and in between Paris, Milan, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam.



Jocelyn Laporte and Johann Böhm work on severe muscle disorders strongly impacting on the quality of life of patients and their families. Our team is composed of 20 members from different countries and with complementary expertise in genetics, bio-informatics, cellular biology, and pharmacology (www.igbmc.fr\Laporte). We have established a large panel of state-of-the-art techniques and approaches to investigate normal and pathological muscle function, and we successfully modulated protein expression and activity through pharmacological compounds or the use of viral vectors (AAVs).


The M2 project addresses Stormorken syndrome (STRMK), a multi-systemic disease affecting muscle, bones, skin, spleen, platelets, and the immune system. We identified the underlying genetic causes and pathomechanisms, and we generated a faithful animal model recapitulating the main signs of the human disorder. We recently initiated a screen of more than thousand molecules and we now aim to evaluate their efficacy to reverse the STRMK phenotype in cell and animal models. We expect that the most efficient molecules will undergo clinical trials in the future.


We are looking for a highly motivated M2 student for a project in translational medicine and the perspective to continue with 3 years of PhD.

Your application

To apply, please send a single PDF document including motivation letter, CV, previous marks and ranks, and references to jocelyn@igbmc.fr and johann@igbmc.fr.

Application Deadline : Jan. 1, 2022

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