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Development and stem cells

Mechano-genetic interplays and embryonic morphogenesis


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During embryonic development, cells act as force sensors and can actively trigger physical changes in order to maintain the harmonious body-plan patterning and growth. Defects in these processes can cause catastrophic developmental abnormalities, in particular in the cardiovascular system where blood flow is generating shear forces essential for cardiogenesis. Our goal is to understand the dynamics and the roles of biological flow during the development of the zebrafish. We use live imaging techniques, cell biology and genetic analysis to characterize the physical stimuli and the molecular mechanisms that specify cell responses to flow forces during embryogenesis. In particular, we are interested in understanding the relationship between blood flow and tissue organization during cardiovascular development. We also investigate how cells alter and maintain their physical environment during morphogenesis. To address this question, we study the activity of beating cilia during embryogenesis using novel imaging techniques to visualize and analyze cilia mediated flow. Our work will permit to better understand the origins of congenital diseases such as cardiomyopathies, valvulopathies and ciliopathies as well as abnormal conditions like atherosclerosis and tumor spreading.


High speed imaging of the zebrafish beating heart with the gata1::dsred transgenic line. Recording speed: 120 frames/second. 

Movie by Emily Steed, IGBMC.

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