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Integrated structural Biology

Expression of genetic information

In humans, many factors involved in the regulation of gene expression and the control of genome integrity are macromolecular assemblies, whose composition and activity vary during development and can be modulated by drugs in normal and pathological conditions. Our work is focused on multi-protein complexes involved in transcription and its regulation, and particularly, the TFIIH factor involved in transcription initiation and regulation as well as DNA repair by nucleotide excision, nuclear hormone receptors (NHR) and their co-regulators. The transcriptional activity of nuclear receptors is not only regulated by ligand binding, but also by post-translational modifications that often participate in the recruitment of co-regulators, chromatin remodeling complexes and components of the basal transcriptional machinery.

Our goal is to understand the mechanisms that control gene expression through integrative structural biology approaches in order to obtain information from the atomic to the cellular scale, using biophysical characterization techniques, structural studies in solution, electron cryo-microscopy and crystallography. Since many macromolecular complexes associate transiently, the temporal component as well as reconstitution of the proper sequence of cellular events using light microscopy tools can be crucial steps. Our projects aim to shed new light on transcriptional control mechanisms at the molecular scale, a better understanding of which will open new perspectives with probable therapeutic benefits.

We also study the HIV integrase that plays a key role in the viral cycle and recruits cellular proteins from the host, including the transcription factor INI1, an essential component of the chromatin remodeling complex SWI/SNF, and the derived growth factor (LEDGF) or p300, a co-activator of many NHRs.

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