The new Cellular signaling & Nuclear dynamics Program will develop the following novel synergies:

  • integrating multiple players in nuclear dynamics (e.g. metabolism. DNA damage, cell cycle, signaling, RNA export)
  • sharing different techniques and approaches (top end imaging, chromatin biochemistry, omics, single cell analysis, mouse models and human cellular models)
  • addressing a common unifying question: how nuclear dynamics is regulated and how it impacts functionally on key biological processes.

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Cellular signaling and nuclear dynamics (emerging program)

In the post-genomic area it is key to move from a static to a more quantitative and dynamic view of biology. Creation of the emerging Program “Cellular Signaling and Nuclear Dynamics” will reinforce the dynamicaspects of key biological processes, with a clear focus on the nucleus. It brings together groups studying different aspects of DNA repair, chromatin, cell plasticity and cell division in connection with development or metabolic diseases.

The Cellular signaling & Nuclear dynamics Program will foster interactions to unravel nuclear dynamics in response to stimuli (e.g. E. Soutoglou, ME Torres-Padilla, B. Reina San Martin and L.Tora), metabolic signaling (e.g. R. Ricci, R. Schneider and L. Tora), throughout cell cycle (e.g. I. Sumara and R. Schneider) and in disease states (R. Ricci, R. Schneider and B. Reina San Martin) by combining high resolution imaging, system biological approaches and functional epigenetics both on a global as well as locus specific level.

The aims of the Program are to study:

  • the dynamic response of the epigenome to  the environment 
  • nuclear dynamics and chromatin architecture in pluripotency 
  • the cell cycle and metabolic control of nuclear dynamics 
  • the dynamic nuclear response to signaling and cellular stress


It is foreseen that additional teams will join this Program.

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