Participating teams


Participating teams:

  • Development and Stem Cells – Gilles Charvin, Daniel Riveline, Evi Soutoglou, Izabela Sumara, Laszlo Tora, Julien Vermot
  • Integrated Structural Biology – Annick Dejaegere, Patrick Schultz, Albert Weixlbaumer
  • Functional Genomics and Cancer – Nacho Molina, Tom Sexton, Catherine-Laure Tomasetto
  • Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics – Juliette Godin, Jocelyn Laporte, Helene Puccio
  • Imaging Platform – Elvire Guiot, Nicolas Lemercier, Jean-Luc Vonesch

Since its creation, the IGBMC has had a strong track record in cutting-edge light and electron microscopy, driven by the adage “seeing is believing” and as a cooperative effort between individual research groups and the imaging platform. In the last few years, technical advances in bio-imaging has exploded and the field is evolving at an incredible rate; the most high-profile examples being the 2014 and 2017 Nobel Chemistry prizes for the development of “super-resolution” light microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy techniques, respectively. There has also been huge advances in the speed and sensitivity of image capture for live imaging projects, and the ability to image more complicated tissues (e.g. with light-sheet or intravital techniques). The strength of these diverse technological solutions to our biological questions also raises important challenges. Even more than before, we cannot adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach to the wide range of imaging questions posed by researchers at the IGBMC.


The long-term aims of this transversal program, in close collaboration with key members of the imaging platform, are:

  1. To foster an institute-wide community of research groups with a common interest in finding solutions to current bio-imaging challenges, thus building on our institute’s own strengths.
  2. To provide an institute-level focal point for “fact-finding missions” which will mutually benefit many research groups, identifying and addressing gaps in our own expertise.
  3. To foster synergistic interactions, via our institute-wide identity, with local (both Strasbourg and the TriRhena area) bio-imaging networks.


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