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Development and stem cells

Signal transduction in metabolism and inflammation

Appropriate sensing of environmental stresses and intracellular malfunction requires tightly controlled expression and activity of interconnected signal transduction components. Protein kinases represent key elements within these circuits transferring signals to their effectors by phosphorylation. The Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPKs) constitute a pivotal signaling node that convert environmental inputs into a whole plethora of cellular programs. Our laboratory mainly focused on in vivo functions of stress-activated p38 MAPKs. While most past studies focused on p38α, we have recently identified first non-redundant in vivo functions for p38δ. We found that p38δ regulated glucose homeostasis by controlling insulin secretion from pancreatic β cells in vivo and most recently that p38δ was pivotal in regulation of neutrophil-mediated inflammation. Furthermore, we demonstrated that p38δ exerted above functions by negatively regulating the activity of Protein Kinase D1 (PKD1). Overall, this work describes a new signaling axis that may be important in diabetes mellitus and inflammatory diseases, respectively.
The future core activity of my laboratory is directed towards elucidation of a particular role of p38δ and PKD1 downstream targets in neutrophils and pancreatic β cells by combining proteomic and cell biology approaches with experiments in genetically manipulated mice. Furthermore, we aim at finding common upstream signaling mechanisms that converge in p38δ-PKD1 signaling. Moreover, this biased approach is complemented by more comprehensive high-throughput screening approaches to discover novel pathways that might be important in metabolism and inflammation.

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