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IGBMC Researchers once again distinguished by the European Research Council

April 25, 2016

Since 2007, the European Research Council (ERC) finances every years projects carried out by talented researchers throughout Europe. The choice of recipients is very selective for these prestigious funding and very few French researchers access these prestigious awards. Since 2013, no less than 7 researchers at the IGBMC, a joint research unit of CNRS/Inserm/University of Strasbourg who have received ERC grant.

Created in 2007, the ERC aims to foster scientific excellence in Europe. Since then, across the continent 5 945 early career or experienced researchers have received financial support for their projects in all scientific fields. France is on the podium of the most awarded country with 791 recipients since 2007. Two types of funding were created in 2007:


-       The ERC Starting grants: Such grants support the work of young researchers (2-7 years after their PhD thesis) to a maximum of 1.5 million € over five years. From 2007 to 2015, 400 young French researchers have obtained an ERC Starting grant funding.


-       The ERC Advanced grants: This funding supports projects proposed by experienced researchers at a maximum of 2.5 million € up also over five years. In total 235 experienced French researchers were funded by the ERC Advanced Grant.


In 2013, a third type of funding has been created: the ERC Consolidator grants. This type of financing supports mid-career researchers activity (7 to 12 years after their PhD thesis) to a maximum of 2 million € over five years. To date, 156 French researchers have been selected for this type of funding.


After the establishment of the new configuration of the ERC grants in 2013, 7 researchers from all departments IGBMC have obtained funding this European organisation:


-       3 ERC Starting grants: One of these funding supports team activity Nicolas CHARLET-BERGUERAND since 2013. In 2015, Thomas SEXTON and Albert WEIXLBAUMER were recipients of this aid.


-       3 ERC Consolidator grants: This type of financing has distinguished projects proposed by Sophie JARRIAULT in 2014 and then Julien VERMOT and Evi SOUTOGLOU in 2015.


-       1 ERC Advanced grants: in 2014, the project submitted by Laszlo TORA was selected.


In total since the establishment of the ERC, the ambitious projects 16 researchers at the IGBMC have been recognized by the European organization (8 ERC Starting, 3 ERC Consolidator, and 5 ERC Advanced). We congratulate all the awards winners for these successes. The excellence of these results proves once again that scientific research in Alsace through the IGBMC remains on the forefront of the international scientific scene.

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