A new mass spectrometer for the Proteomics platform: the Exploris 480 - FAIMS

Brèves |

At the end of 2021, the Proteomics platform acquired an Exploris 480 - FAIMS, a new mass spectrometer designed for the proteomic analysis of rare and scarce samples. It will be used to complete the platform's service offer and to develop a cutting-edge R&D activity.

Faster, more sensitive, more accurate; a tool to analyse more with less sample

Thanks to the performance of the new instrument, the platform will be able to offer new analyses associated with small samples; single cell analysis, micro-dissection and it will be able to improve analyses that require ultimate sensitivity; crosslinks, identification of post-translational modifications.

Compared to the Orbitrap-Elite, which has been in operation since 2012, the Exploris 480 achieves a resolution of 480,000 FWHM at mass 200 and performs its MS/MS spectra in the Orbitrap cell with a precision of the order of 1 ppm (compared to 100 ppm for the Elite). The optimisation of the transfer optics and on-board electronics also allows it to increase its sensitivity by a factor of 10 and to scan at speeds up to 40 Hz.

Legend: performance gain between the old instrument and the Exploris 480

FAIMS, an additional module for a better selection

The FAIMS module stands for "high Field Assymetric waveform Ion Moblity Spectrometry" is installed in front of the inlet of the Exploris 480 and allows the selection of ions according to their mobility in electric fields at atmospheric pressure. The number of additional peptides identified with this option is around 30%.

How to access it?

The proteomics platform can be reached by e-mail or by phone 03 88 65 33 99. They will be able to advise and assist you from sample preparation to statistical analysis of the data.