Albert Weixlbaumer receives the Bettencourt Coups d'élan 2021 Prize

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Albert Weixlbaumer is awarded the Coups d'élan pour la recherche française prize, of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, for his project on the molecular machines that regulate gene expression in humans, the dysfunction of which may be linked to certain forms of cancer or diseases of the nervous system, on 23 November 2021.


A prize to reward research aimed at improving human health

The prizes awarded by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation aim to support and encourage scientists and their teams who contribute to improving human health. In 2021, the foundation awarded 4 types of prizes to about twenty researchers:

  • The Liliane Bettencourt Prize « Pour les sciences du vivant »;
  • The Bettencourt Prize « Coups d’élan pour la recherche française »;
  • The Bettencourt Prize « Pour les jeunes chercheurs »;
  • A grant from the ATIP-Avenir programme.

Congratulations to Albert Weixlbaumer, from the Integrative Structural Biology Department of the IGBMC

Among the winners of the 2021 edition, congratulations to Albert Weixlbaumer for winning the Coups d'élan pour la recherche française prize. This award is a reward for his research carried out at the IGBMC. You can read more about it by visiting his team's page: Regulation of transcription.

Albert Weixlbaumer at the Bettencourt 2021 Foundation award ceremony, credit Frédéric Dardel

To learn more about the award ceremony and the foundation, please see the article in the Dernières nouvelles d'Alsace on this subject.