Jeanne Lavaud, trainee in the IT department

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Jeanne Lavaud is a student on an apprenticeship between CESI in Strasbourg and the IGBMC's IT department since September 2020. She is studying for a diploma in Computer Maintenance and Support Management and is in charge of part of the activities of the microcomputer pole, one of the poles of the IT department.

Managing the "life" of the IGBMC's computers

Jeanne Lavaud works in the microcomputing division of the IT department. This is the part that deals with 'the day-to-day life of the microcomputers', explains Jeanne. The main tasks of this unit are :


  • to organise the management of the IGBMC's microcomputers: from the architecture proposal, the purchase request, then the installation and maintenance, right up to the removal from the inventory;
  • to administer the computer stock, ensuring that the various software used is updated, and testing and implementing new tools to improve the operation of the various microcomputers.

As part of her diploma, Jeanne was in charge of updating the antivirus server used by the IGBMC, to improve the protection of the computers and therefore of the data produced at the Institute.


Jeanne Lavaud, student at CESI

Within the IGBMC's IT department, Jeanne has the opportunity to acquire and strengthen her skills and knowledge in various fields such as :

  • Basic knowledge of networks, which enables her to understand where to intervene when there is a problem with communication between machines;
  • Automation of tasks, which allows him to intervene whenever there are repetitive tasks on several computers;
  • The self-taught acquisition of a programming language, AppleScript, which is used on the Mac;
  • The management of a computer stock with different operating systems: for example, the IT department has automatically deployed the Office Suite update, from the 2013 version to the 2019 version, on all the computers in the stock (700 Windows 180 MacOS).

Jeanne is not the first CESI trainee at the IGBMC: each year, the institute takes on a new trainee for a period of two years. If the IGBMC is attractive to this type of profile, it is both for the size of its institute and for the diversity of its IT resources. Indeed, IGBMC agents work with Windows, Mac and Linux environments, which requires the trainees to show versatility and enables them to acquire decisive skills for their future jobs.