Sophie Jarriault's Neurolicencing project is one of the winners of the Inserm 2021 international call

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Congratulations to Sophie Jarriault, whose project "Creating new neurons through transdifferentiation" is one of the awarded projects of the Inserm 2021 international call, announces the organisation on 16 March 2022!This researh will be a collaboration with the Institute of Neuroscience of Université libre de Bruxelles.

Within the project entitled Neurolicencing, Sophie Jarriault aims to study how the balance between the mechanisms that maintain differentiated identity and those that allow differentiated cells to transform into neurons suddenly tips in favour of transdifferentiation. For this, the scientist will use the C. elegans model.

She will also study the cell trajectories during the acquisition of the new neuronal identity, and the integration of the new neuron into an existing functional circuit.

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