The IGBMC is participating in the next international French-Japanese congress of developmental biology

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The IGBMC is involved in the organization of the next international French-Japanese congress of developmental biology of the SFBD which will take place from November 7 to 10, 2022 in Strasbourg. This edition entitled "New frontiers in developmental biology: celebrating the diversity of life" has the ambition to be both a scientific meeting and a large-scale event to introduce developmental biology to the general public.

Three days to promote developmental biology

In collaboration with various actors such as the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists, the French Society of Developmental Biology, the Human Frontier Science Program, the Maison pour la science et le Jardin des Sciences, the Maison Universitaire France-Japon and the Haute école des arts du Rhin, the IGBMC takes part in the organization of the International Franco-Japanese Congress on Developmental Biology in Strasbourg. The objective of this event is to propose a format allowing to gather at the same time scientists of international reputation around scientific conferences as well as the general public thanks to cultural and educational events.

This event includes scientific presentations, a video-mapping, conferences for the general public, an art exhibition open to all as well as mediation workshops in schools, colleges and high schools.

An event to discover the beauty of developmental biology

Three researchers in developmental biology from the IGBMC are participating in the organization and management of this conference: Sophie Jarriault, Anne-Cécile Reyman and Juliette Godin. These scientists are all specialized in developmental biology and their research themes are: cell plasticity, or the ability of cells to change their identity, the dynamics of proteins that structure embryonic cells and the mechanisms of cortical development.

For Sophie Jarriault, CNRS research director, organizing an event on developmental biology for the general public is "an opportunity to show the beauty of this discipline to a public that does not have the opportunity to project themselves into it easily". With this in mind, in addition to the general public events, places will be reserved in the scientific conferences for people who would like to understand the field, or participate for the first time in a research conference.

A field of research in contact with many disciplines

Developmental biology aims to discover fundamental biological principles conserved in humans through the study of biological mechanisms that lead to a functional multicellular organism from a single cell - the fertilized egg. It is a discipline that lies at the crossroads of several fields of biology, such as cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, neurobiology, biophysics and many others. It is also a discipline that relies on a wide variety of model organisms such as nematodes, drosophila flies, mice, chickens or amphibians.

This is why working in this discipline "is extremely enriching, developmental biology really aims to understand the origins of life and its evolution".

To follow all the information related to this event, do not hesitate to consult the website dedicated to it.