Postdoc position in energy homeostasis (Microglial Biology)

There is a new postdoc position available in the laboratory of Romeo Ricci at the IGBMC in Strasbourg, France (; Our institute is a leading research institution in Europe currently hosting 46 teams with researchers from all over the world. It is a facility-driven institute with state-of-the-art equipment and core expertise covering all experimental techniques of the project. The postdoc will be integrated in a core team of PhD students and a junior group leader working on different aspects of energy homeostasis. Strasbourg is located in the beautiful, wine-growing area of Alsace, in proximity of Germany and Switzerland.


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Regulation of energy homeostasis is key for organisms to cope with changes in food availability. NPY/AgRP and POMC neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus emerged as major control points translating hormonal inputs into alterations in feeding behavior and energy metabolism. Dysregulation of this intricate system contributes to obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D). Using conditional knockout mice, we identified CaMK1D – encoded by a gene located in one of the established risk loci associated with T2D – to be required in neuronal control of food intake in response to ghrelin. We have unveiled a specific function of CaMK1D in AgRP neurons in response to ghrelin and fasting using state-of-the-art stereotactic and chemogenetic tools. Interestingly, we also recently found that deletion of CaMK1D in the microglia had an impact on food intake and energy metabolism. In fact, activation of microglial cells in the course of obesity is emerging as a pivotal mechanism impairing food intake control. Based on these preliminary findings, we propose innovative strategies to identify a precise CaMK1D-dependent inflammatory mechanism emerging from microglial cells that potentially impacts on neuronal regulation of energy homeostasis.

Application procedures

Applications including cover letter, detailed CV, copies of certificates, and contact information of two referees, should be sent latest 31th of December 2023 as a single pdf file (no more than 10 MB) via email to Karl VIVOT :

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We initially offer a one-year postdoc position according to French salary schemes and experience. Prolongation for two more years will be possible. However, applications for competitive fellowships will be strongly encouraged during the first year of recruitment. Ideally, the recruitment should be accomplished by the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024. Candidates shortly after their PhD thesis with experience in central regulation of energy homeostasis and/or microglial biology are particularly welcome to apply. Female scientists are particularly encouraged to submit their application. Disabled applicants will be preferentially considered in case of equivalent qualification.