The IGBMC is one of the few French research institutes to be under the supervision of three major organisations (CNRS, Inserm, University of Strasbourg) and to be attached to an economic interest organisation. Thus, it is structured in such a way as to provide a framework supporting its main activity: research. The structure of the institute guarantees the proper orientation of research, the development of its expertise, but also the training of future researchers, easy access to resources and compliance with the various protocols that govern the exercise.

An organisation to structure the IGBMC

In order to organise and carry out its ambition of research excellence, the IGBMC is organised into several bodies so that it can take appropriate operational and strategic decisions.

IGBMC Executive Board

Frédéric Dardel

Sandrine Testaz
Executive Director

Françoise Lagriffoul
General Director of Services

Departments to focus on specific themes

The Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology is organised into four major departments, each focusing on a particular research theme. These are

  • Developmental biology and stem cells;
  • Structural Integrative Biology;
  • Functional genomics and cancer;
  • Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics.

To learn more about these departments, you can also consult the section on the scientific components and departments of the IGBMC.

Heads of departments

Bill Keyes
Head of Development and stem cells department

Marc Ruff
Head of Integrated sturctural biology department

Susan Chan
Head of Functional genomics and cancer department

Nicolas Charlet Berguerand
Head of Translational Medicine and Neurogenetics department

Several boards to shape the institute's course

A laboratory council to represent the different categories of personnel

As a direct result of the organisation offered by the CNRS, the IGBMC has a laboratory council in which the different categories of staff are represented. This board has a consultative role which allows it to approve or reject decisions proposed by the management. Its activity concerns in particular elements of the life of the institute, such as questions of internal regulations or organisation.


A scientific council to steer the research produced at the IGBMC

The objective of the Institute is to produce knowledge that will bring real advances to the scientific communities in the various fields in which the research carried out at the IGBMC is involved.Thus, the organisation has a scientific council which provides a forum for researchers and management.

The aim is to involve the people who directly produce knowledge in the choice of strategic research areas for the whole structure.


Other commissions for other issues relating to the institute's activity

In support of the three supervisory bodies, the GIE component of the IGBMC organisation provides spaces for exchange and discussion so as to guarantee the good quality of the various IGBMC processes, such as

  • A Social and Economic Council, bringing together staff representatives;
  • A Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee, which allows for direct dialogue between management and staff on these issues.

A public and private research institute

The IGBMC is both a CNRS UMR 7104 and Inserm UMR 1258 and is also under the supervision of the University of Strasbourg. It is also supported by an economic interest grouping (EIG).