Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry


Claudine EBEL

The flow cytometry service allows multiparametric analysis of elements (cells, particles, cellular constituents...) present in a cell suspension and to sort them into one or more subpopulations according to different criteria (relative size, granulosity, fluorescence intensity...). The numerous applications of this technique of individual, quantitative and qualitative characterization make it an indispensable tool for research in cell biology.


This service is open to IGBMC researchers and to the whole local scientific community. State-of-the-art equipment including analyzers and cell sorters with different optical configurations as well as the expertise of its staff through advice, assistance and training of users form the optimal conditions for the implementation of research projects. The complementary nature of the CYTOMETRY and GENOMEAST platforms present on site offers a real plus to users for the processing of their samples. This is why the platform is unique in the region.


The flow cytometry department offers its expertise in various fields to meet the needs of its users. To do so, it :

  • performs multiparametric analysis and cell sorting from cell suspensions.
  • provides researchers with an operator dedicated to cell sorting
  • trains new users on the cell sorters or analyzers as well as on the cytometry software for data analysis.
  • provides technical support for the implementation of new protocols and offers assistance for the analysis of files.
  • ensures a technological watch and the daily maintenance of the instruments in order to guarantee their proper functioning.
  • makes available to IGBMC researchers certain viability markers such as PI, 7AAD, Topro, DAPI, Hoechst.
  • offers a custom immunophenotyping service for the characterization of murine immune populations in the spleen, thymus or bone marrow.



Dans notre service, nous réalisons des analyses de cellules. Voici les équipements que nous mettons à votre disposition.


Dans notre service, nous proposons de trier vos cellules. Voici les équipements que nous mettons à votre disposition.


Two new equipments for the flow cytometry service

The Flow Cytometry platform has new equipments: a multiparametric analyser and a high-speed cell sorter. Financed by the ITMO CANCER grant and the…

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Flow cytometry principles

Flow Cytometry is a technique, somewhat analogous to fluorescent microscopy, in which particles (cells) in liquid suspension are passed one by one in front of a laser beam at a concentration that can reach several thousand particles per second.

This technique allows to measure the diffracted light and the fluorescence emitted by the particles.

Cell sorting is a complementary option to the analysis routinely performed in our department. Particles (cells) are separated on specific size or fluorescence criteria measured by flow cytometry. The cells recovered during the sorting process are viable and can be collected under sterile conditions either in tubes or directly in microtiter plates.

The sorted samples have a purity of more than 95%.

What is measured in Flow Cytometry?

Particles pass in front of one or more light sources (usually laser beams) and emit a light signal which can be fluorescent. This signal is measured using detectors and optical filters specific to each fluorochrome. The physical characteristics and fluorescent properties are the main measured parameters of the particles.
The measured parameters of cells are both physical and chemical.

Applications of Flow Cytometry

The applications are numerous. Below are some examples of measurements made with flow cytometry.

  • DNA / Cell Cycle Analysis  
  • Apoptosis (AnnexinV, Caspases, Tunnel assay etc...)
  • Cellular proliferation (CFSE)
  • Cellular Viability
  • Senescence measurements
  • Gene expression via constructs with fluorescent reporter proteins such as GFP, mCherry, tdTomato or others
  • Intracellular ionic (Ca+) flux
  • Multiparametric phenotyping (up to 20 fluorochromes measured simultaneously)
  • Surface, intracellular and nuclear labeling
  • Stem cell analysis
  • Cellular sorting
  • Cell cloning in microtiter plate

Access to the service

To access the service, please read the user charter.

To request a service, simply fill out the form and send it to us at

External users

External users

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Opening hours

Monday to Friday - presence of an operator 9:00 - 18:00
Opening hours can be modified on a case by case basis (24 hours notice) for special experiences.


Phone : 3427 or 3428

Mail :

For experiments requiring the presence of an operator, please contact the service to schedule your experiment.

In-house users

Trained users

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Trained users have access to the instruments 24 hours a day


Online reservation of cytometers via OUTLOOK

Untrained users

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Monday to Friday - operator presence from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


For experiments requiring the presence of an operator, please contact the service to schedule your experiment.

Useful websites

These sites offer information on the use of fluorochromes.

This site provides very useful links and a discussion group where you can ask questions or make comments (see the "Cytometry E-mail" link).

This web site offers polychromatic coupling and labeling protocols from Dr. Mario Roederer, an expert in multi-color flow cytometry

This site gathers a series of "OMIP" (Optimised Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels)
The purpose of these online publications is to allow the researcher to have quick access to predefined exploration panels.
These "OMIPs" can be the starting point for setting up new study panels.