Research valorisation

Since 2009, the IGBMC has essentially relied on the skills of the University of Strasbourg to deal with intellectual property issues arising from the research work carried out at the Institute. The University of Strasbourg is indeed one of the most involved French universities in the development of research and technology transfer through the SATT Conectus Alsace. The SATT brings together all the players in Alsace's public research sector and encourages the development of partnerships with companies.

A significant involvement in technology transfer

The IGBMC has already demonstrated its ability to directly manage technology transfers. In particular, its Imaging Centre has developed a fluorescence macroscope (MacroFluo™) as well as a confocal macroscope (Macroconfocal Leica TCS MSI) which have been marketed worldwide thanks to a partnership with Leica Microsystems signed in 2007. The monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production department has been in demand for many years by external companies. It currently markets more than 200 different antibodies to industrial clients such as Euromedex, Millipore and Active-Motif.

Currently, all of the IGBMC's platforms and services are working with research teams or industrial partners on various projects.

Strong links with research transfer

To facilitate the development of the research conducted within the IGBMC, the Institute works with the Société d'Accélération du Transfert de Technologies (SATT) Conectus. Launched as part of the Programme d'investissement avenir (PIA), the latter aims to promote public-private partnerships by supporting researchers in bringing their innovations to market.

The latest success resulting from the collaboration between the IGBMC and Conectus is the signing of an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with LYSOGENE to develop a gene therapy drug candidate for the treatment of Fragile X syndrome.

To learn more

Visit the Conectus website to learn more about the SATT's actions.

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