Postdoctoral position studying cellular senescence and alzheimers

A position for a Postdoctoral researcher is available in the Department of Developmental Biology and Stem Cells, IGBMC, Strasbourg, France, in the lab of Bill Keyes.


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The lab studies the process of cellular senescence in development, regeneration and disease. We are now seeking a postdoctoral candidate to investigate the links with senescence and Alzheimer’sdisease (AD), having recently been awarded funding from La Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale (FRM). This project is carried out in collaboration with the team of Yann Herault, IGBMC, and will involve working with mouse models of AD, senescence reporter models, and single cell sequencing approaches. As such, preference will be given to candidates with a proven record in any of these areas.

Examples of previous studies from the lab include: Doles et al, Genes & Development, 2012 26(19): 2144-53; Storer et al, Cell, 2013, 155(5), 1119–1130; Ritschka et al, Genes &
Development, 2017 31(2):172-183; Ritschka et al, Genes & Development, 2020, 34(7- 8):489-494 ; Rhinn et al, BioRxiv, 2021,

Modalités de candidature

Deadline: December 15th, 2021
Starting date: February 1st, 2022 (flexible)
• All applications must include a CV with a letter describing your motivation and research interests, and the contact information for 2-3 referees.
• Please submit your application to the following email addresses:

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The candidate will join an international group of scientists, working on competitive topics. The candidate will benefit from access to a modern well-equipped laboratory, as well as access to the IGBMC’s renowned Core Facilities and support.


Ph.D or M.D./Ph.D. (already obtained or soon-to-be), with at least one first author publication.
• Highly motivated person with strong interest in science research.
• Interactive person, with ability to work independently.
• Good communication skills, and fluency in English is required.
• Previous experience with single cell sequencing, or mouse models of Alzheimer’s or senescence will be favored.