Post-doctoral position in muscle pathology and therapy at IGBMC-Strasbourg-France - Equipe J.Laporte

Post-doctoral position in muscle pathology and therapy at IGBMC-Strasbourg-France

Novel therapeutic approaches for Myopathies

Myopathies are severe inherited diseases having a strong impact on patient quality of life, on their family and on our health care system. There is no specific therapy for most of these diseases. We aim to validate novel therapeutic proof-of-concepts for different myopathies. Our previous work has identified several therapeutic targets that we like to validate in transgenic mice faithfully modelling the human disease. Modulation of these therapeutic targets will be performed with drugs, oligonucleotides (antisense/exon skipping), and/or viral vector-mediated transduction. The efficiency of the therapies will be monitored through molecular, cellular, physiological and multi-omics analyses. All tools (including animal models and chemicals to modulate the therapeutic targets) required for this project are already available in the team or existing.

The IGBMC institute is one of the main European centers in Biomedical research and offers a unique environment with 50 research teams, a dozen of state-of-the-art platforms, a PhD program and 45 different nationalities. Strasbourg is a cosmopolitan city in a beautiful countryside, close to Germany and less than 2 hours from the center of Paris by train.


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A 2-year salary is available; amount depends on previous experience; social security, pension scheme and insurance at the charge of the employer. Start date as soon as possible.

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Send a single pdf file with your CV, a cover letter, and contact details for at least two referees to Jocelyn Laporte :

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You are a highly motivated and talented researcher holding a PhD and a first author publication, with strong interest in human disease and therapies. Proven expertise in mouse pathology and physiology is required. Knowledge in viral vectors and in muscle physiology is a plus. English is the communication language in the team.