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    Michèle LIEB

Development and stem cells

Cell physics

Cells are traditionally viewed as a soup of chemical reactions. However cell shape is also the result of self-assembly phenomena; the physical laws of matter provide the appropriate framework for understanding shapes of cells and tissues. Within the cells, the cytoskeleton dynamics and its associated Rho pathways give the proper unit for understanding cell motility, cell division and cell shapes within tissues. We use interdisciplinary approaches to address these phenomena in cell culture. The physical framework is inspired from soft matter physics. The biological side is adapted from cell biology for changing specifically cell shapes with cytoskeleton drugs, genetic modifications, and mechanical constraints. The chemical part consists in designing new agents for altering cell motility and cell division. In the long term, our research may provide new ideas for understanding cancer.
Being interdisciplinary in nature, our group is located both at The Science and Supramolecular Engineering Institute in Strasbourg for the physical/chemical themes as well as at the IGBMC for those of cell biology. We use classical cell lines for fibroblasts and epithelium, along with fission yeast as a model system for cytokinesis. Microfabrication plays a key role for our measurements of forces, as well as for ordering cells in our experiments. A start-up, RingTech, is curently  incubated by Sémia, the alsatian incubator.


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