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Development and stem cells

Cell cycle and ubiquitin signaling

Cell division is instrumental for all living organisms and defects in its regulatory systems are linked to cellular transformation. Cell division requires duplication of all genetic material during S-phase followed by its precise partitioning between two daughter cells during mitosis. The cell cycle machinery involves many critical factors and enzymes that need to be precisely regulated in time and space. Thus, both their timely expression and correct localization to the subcellular compartments must be achieved during different morphological transitions.
Research in our group focuses on the role of the ubiquitin conjugation system in spatio-temporal control of cell division. We are using advanced microscopy and proteomic approaches to identify and characterize the key components of the ubiquitin-conjugation machinery in human cells (E3-ligases, Deubiquitinating enzymes, Ubiquitin-binding proteins) as well as the critical ubiquitination substrates that play a role during cell cycle progression. Our team is particularly interested in understanding the mechanisms coordinating the mitotic events with completion of cytokinesis. Studying the basic molecular mechanisms of cell division will hopefully help us to understand the origins of genomic instability and thereby cellular transformation.

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