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    Anne-Cécile REYMANN

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    Roxane BENOIT

    Théo HECQUET

    Grégoire MATHONNET

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    Nadine ARBOGAST

    Delphine SUHNER

Development and stem cells

Actin dynamics and biomechanics of the early embryo


During embryonic development, cell architectures equilibrate and remodel perpetually to enable proper cellular identity and correct cell positioning. The cell cortex, a submicron network under the cell membrane consisting mostly of actin filaments and myosin molecular motors, is the active material that controls cell architecture. This actin cortex thus drives cell shape changes, force sensing and force production by constant assembly-disassembly processes using a wide palette of molecular building blocks.


We study the assembly dynamics and biophysical properties of the actin cortex in early C. elegans development. We aim to reveal how these properties are regulated and change over time to control early morphogenesis processes during the first few divisions of the C. elegans embryo. This work is interdisciplinary at the interface of biochemistry, cell biology and physics.

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