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Functional genomics and cancer

Regulation of gene expression in cancer

Our group studies how gene regulatory mechanisms contribute to development and physiopathology. Our work focusses on the role of transcription factor and their cofactors such as chromatin remodeling complexes.

Much or our recent work concerns the understanding of epigenetic regulation of gene expression and cell heterogeneity in melanoma. We focused our attention on MITF (Microphthalmia-associated Transcription factor) and SOX10, two transcription factors that regulate many of the physiological properties of melanoma cells. We profiled their genomic binding sites, identified their target genes and showed their interaction with three chromatin remodeling complexes, BAF and PBAF, NuRF and NuRD.  In a series of integrative studies using melanoma cells in vitro and somatic inactivation in the mouse, we defined the roles of BRG1/PBAF and BPTF/NuRF in melanoma and normal melanocyte physiology.

We also pioneered the use of single cell transcriptomics to investigate cell heterogeneity in melanoma. In a first study, we define how heterogeneity was modified upon 3D growth of melanoma cells as melanospheres and as xenograft tumors in mice. We then for the first time characterized intra- and inter-tumoral heterogeneity of primary human melanomas.

We have also pursued our study of the TAF4 subunit of TFIID. We showed that TAF4 interacts with the nuclear receptor HNF4a to activate the expression of liver function metabolic genes in post-natal hepatocytes. We also investigated the role of TAF4 during embryogenesis showing that it was dispensable during the early stages and the establishment of the primary germ layers, but that is was required for the later stages of differentiation of numerous tissues.

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