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Functional genomics and cancer

Genome expression and repair

Transcription, one of the key steps of gene expression in response to different stimuli of the organism like stress or hormones, requires a combination of factors. The deleterious action of physical or chemical agents that create lesions in the DNA disrupts the expression of genes. If these lesions are not removed by efficient repair systems they will be at the origin of mutations that can lead to cancer and aging. TFIIH, a multi-subunit complex that plays a pivotal role in both the transcription of genes and their repair. Mutations in some of the subunits of TFIIH are responsible for three genetic diseases (xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), trichotyodystrophy (TTD) and Cockayne syndrome (CS)), the phenotypes of which result from defects in both DNA repair and gene expression. For instance, TTD patients present brittle hairs and nails, that cannot account from a defect in DNA repair and that can be recapitulated in mouse TTD models. With the help of biochemical, genetic and cellular biology we study ageing and cancer predisposition in various cellular systems and animal models deficient in DNA repair and transcription processes.


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