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    Marie-Pierre CHENARD

    Nassim DALI YOUCEF

    Carole MATHELIN

    Catherine-Laure TOMASETTO

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    Thomas DI MATTIA

    Laetitia VOILQUIN

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    Arthur MARTINET


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    Corinne WENDLING

Functional genomics and cancer

Molecular and cellular biology of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a complex disease, with three main identified subtypes having different biological and clinical features and distinct responses to therapy. The next challenge in cancer management is to tailor breast cancer therapy to the individual patient. In this context, understanding the function of proteins altered in specific tumors and the relevance of their targeting is crucial. Our group identified in the past several important genes deregulated in cancer. The molecular and cellular characterization of these genes brought novel insights on the disease and we initiated original research themes.


One of our research focus is related to the characterization of the tumor microenvironment, especially to the function of the Metalloprotease 11 (MMP11) on metabolism and tumor cell-adipocyte crosstalk.


The second focus is on the StAR related lipid transfer domain 3 (STARD3) protein, a protein belonging to a family of lipid transporters. We showed that STARD3 moves cholesterol from the endoplasmic reticulum to endosomes by building protein complexes localized at membrane contact sites. We currently study how contact sites are formed and what roles they are playing in cancer.


Fabien Alpy is principal investigator in the team.

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