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Functional genomics and cancer

Protein networks and complexes regulating eukaryotic mRNA decay

The control of gene expression allows cells and organisms to adapt to changing conditions and to drive internal programmes such as cell cycle or development. Gene expression is an intricate multistep pathway in eukaryotes, allowing for multiple layers of regulations. But this process is also error prone. Thus, potentially deleterious aberrant transcripts need to be rapidly eliminated.
Our goal is to understand how the RNA decay process contributes both to regulated gene expression and to the elimination of defective transcripts. Several pathways implicated in the degradation of eukaryotic RNAs have been identified. If most of the enzymes involved in this process are now known, the mechanisms activating specific enzymes in defined conditions remain to be elucidated. For example, we would like to decipher the mechanisms allowing cells to discriminate bona fide mRNA from defective transcripts or how the stability of specific RNA is regulated. This requires the characterization of the various protein complexes implicated in RNA decay and of their dynamic interactions. Additional complexity arises from the connection of mRNA decay to other cellular processes. Integrated approaches are thus necessary to decipher globally the contribution of mRNA decay to gene expression control.

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