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Integrated structural Biology

Regulation of transcription

The first step in expressing genetic information - the conversion of DNA into RNA - is a process called transcription. A universally conserved multi-subunit protein enzyme called RNA polymerase carries out transcription. In recent years it became more and more apparent that a lot of regulation takes place during the elongation phase in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The research in our group tries to answer how transcription is regulated in a structural and mechanistic way. In particular we focus on regulation during the elongation phase of transcription by protein factors and non-coding RNAs.


Since the core architecture and basic mechanisms are universally conserved, results obtained have implications for all three kingdoms of life. By combining molecular biology, and biochemistry with X-ray crystallography and single particle Cryo-EM we will gain an understanding of these processes at the molecular and atomic level.


More specifically, we look at RNA polymerase elongation complexes bound to transcription factors, which:

  • Modulate the elongation rate by stabilizing RNA polymerase in a state of pausing (i.e. temporarily stopping catalysis),
  • Modify RNA polymerase so it is resistant to termination signals, and
  • Affect the overall rate of transcription.


The group is also interested in the structural basis for the coupling of transcription and translation in bacteria as well as studying how non-coding RNAs can affect RNA polymerase. 


We are currently recruiting postdoctoral researchers funded through an ERC starting grant. If you are interested in transcription, are keen to work on a challenging project, and have a background in structural biology, please contact Albert directly via email. Although not a strict requirement, preference will be given to candidates with experience in single particle Cryo-EM.

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