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Integrated structural Biology

Molecular Basis for Protein Synthesis by the Ribosome

The ribosome is a giant ribonucleoprotein cellular assembly that translates genetic code into protein in all living organisms. Alterations in diverse range of translational machinery cause an extensive and growing catalogue of human diseases. Given the central role of the ribosome in the cell, living organisms have elaborated defense strategies producing chemical substances as for example antibiotics in case of bacteria, to impair ribosome functions in other organism by inhibiting different stages of protein biosynthesis. That is why the ribosome is one of the main antibiotic targets in the cell. More than 40% of clinically useful antibiotics target the ribosome apparatus. Similarly, the eukaryotic ribosome is a major target for small-molecules inhibitors produced as secondary metabolites by bacteria, fungi and plants.

The overall goal of our research is to gain the structural insights into mechanism of protein synthesis by the ribosome, and action mode of ribosome-targeting inhibitors. We will attempt to obtain crystals of different eukaryotic 80S and prokaryotic 70S ribosome complexes trapped at the different steps of protein biosynthesis (or in the complex with their inhibitors/antibiotics) and determine their structures.

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