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Integrated structural Biology

Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NMR spectroscopy provides invaluable insights into the structural and dynamical features of biomolecular systems. We are taking advantage of NMR, combined with other structural biology methods, to investigate molecular properties that are important to achieve a given biological function. Recent topics which have been addressed by the group include the study of several structural domains of transcription factors such as TFIIH and SAGA or the 7SK regulatory RNA. The group is also involved in the study of the Human Papilloma Virus E6 protein and its interaction with host PDZ domains. Often, the molecular plasticity of proteins is crucial for their function, as illustrated by the self-association properties of p8, the smallest subunit of TFIIH or by the role of flanking regions of PDZ domains in protein- peptide interactions. Recently, novel experimental and theoretical tools have been developed to study the disordered states of proteins that are involved in signaling mechanisms. These tools are currently used to study AB domains of nuclear receptors such as RARγ and to describe their modification upon phosphorylation.

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