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    Lasse Bohl JENNER

    Marat YUSUPOV

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    Margarita BELINITE

    Aleksandr GOLUBEV

    Salvatore TERROSU

    Yury ZGADZAY

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    Konstantin USACHEV

Integrated structural Biology


The ribosome is a large ribo-nucleoprotein complex with total molecular mass of 2 500 000 Dalton in bacteria and 3 300 000 Dalton in yeast. Several components contribute to the greater weight and complexity of eukaryotic ribosomes: RNA expansion segments that are inserted into the evolutionary conserved rRNA core and additional 25 proteins. The ribosome performs protein synthesis using a messenger RNA template. It mediates the interactions between mRNAs and tRNAs and it catalyses the peptide bond formation.

Our group
has developed methods for x-ray study of bacterial 70S ribosome from the extreme thermophilic microorganism Thermus thermophilus and recently for the 80S ribosome from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Our goal is to study structure and mechanism of protein biosynthesis in bacteria, yeast and humans.

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