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Scientific services

Cell culture

The cell culture service has a stock of more than 2,300 cellular lines, normal, tumoral or from different diseases and from different species (human, rodent and other mammals, zebrafish, drosophila…). It manages the frozen stocks and provides freezing/thawing of the different cell lines according to the researchers needs. It produces 4,000 cell flasks and prepares 5,000 liters of culture media per year. Growing in suspension large amounts of cells allows the production of more than 500 billion HeLa cells per year for large scale protein analysis (proteomics). These culture conditions have been optimized for other cellular types. The service produces also « feeders » for mouse stem cells culture, provides freezing/thawing of mouse stem cells and human iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells). Besides, researchers have access to a laboratory of security level L2/L3 for virus-based experiments.

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