The Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology is dedicated to understanding the fundamental mechanisms of gene expression as well as those that direct the organisation and fate of cells in a normal or pathological context.


IGBMC's objective is to generate knowledge about the living world, biological mechanisms and the study of diseases by participating in large-scale scientific projects. The Institute promotes its results by contributing to the discovery and development of innovative treatments and also participates in the training of tomorrow's scientists.

The Institute brings together nearly 600 research staff divided into 4 scientific departments dedicated to research in genetics, developmental and structural biology, and translational medicine. With its high-level equipment and scientific platforms, the Institute also offers a quality environment for the training of young researchers. A fertile ground for creativity and knowledge, the research carried out at the Institute has regularly led to numerous publications in leading scientific journals and many innovations have emerged, notably through the creation of several start-ups.

More information

The Institute is a public research laboratory under the supervision of the University of Strasbourg, the CNRS (UMR 7104) and the INSERM (UMR-S 1258). It is also part of an economic interest group (GIE CERBM) mandated by the supervisory authorities to manage the unit. Located in the heart of the university campus of lllkirch, it is also an integral part of the Innovation Campus.