Technological expertise

IGBMC enables you to:

  • perform phenotypic, proteomic or genetic analyses
  • obtain a service provision in imaging, cytometry, structural biology, cell screening
  • create monoclonal antibodies, cloning vectors, cell lines, biological models
  • perform experiments on biological models
  • set up pre-clinical studies in mice

How to benefit from IGBMC technological expertise?

IGBMC offers several partnership formats:

  • Provision of services or research
  • Training on technical equipment or data analysis
  • Access to specific IGBMC equipment

Find out which IGBMC facility will become your partner by consulting the facility sheets.




Customized support

IGBMC partnership service helps in your request:

  • Matchmaking with the appropriate facilities
  • Follow-up of discussions and advice in setting up the project
  • Proposal of the appropriate partnership format
  • Drafting of the partnership contract

The Institute is accredited for the French research tax credit schemes (CIR/CICo). Several platforms are quality certified (ISO 9001, NF X 50-900).