We perform expression and co-expression of recombinant proteins in different insect cell lines using baculovirus as an expression vector.

We offer a service package that includes:

  • Generation of recombinant viruses using different technologies (by homologous recombination in insect cells or by transposition in E. Coli).
  • The production of recombinant proteins on a small and large scale in order, for example, to carry out co-immunoprecipitation experiments or to purify recombinant proteins with a view to functional and / or structural studies:
    • in dishes under adherent conditions (from the 24-well plate to the T175),
    • in suspension (Erlenmeyer flasks from 50 ml to 2 L, Spinner, etc.).

The service also provides advice to guide the experimental strategies and all of its resources (culture room, vectors, protocols, etc.) available to users.