Technology transfer

Research carried out at IGBMC enables the development of new technologies and therapies. To support and develop their ideas, IGBMC scientists can rely on a rich environment that favors the transformation of scientific projects into innovative products and services accessible on the market.

Involvement in technology transfer

IGBMC holds a portfolio of about 30 patents, know-how and software subject to transfer to socio-economic partners. It is possible to acquire a license to develop and industrialize the technology within your company.
In order to promote technology transfer, the IGBMC works in collaboration with CONECTUS, a technology transfer office (TTO) launched as part of the Programme d'investissement avenir (PIA) financing tool.

Examples of technology transfer led by IGBMC

IGBMC imaging facility has developed a fluorescence macroscope (MacroFluo™) as well as a confocal macroscope (Macroconfocal Leica TCS MSI) that have been commercialized worldwide through a partnership with Leica Microsystems.

The French biotech company LYSOGENE has an exclusive worldwide license agreement to develop a gene therapy drug candidate for the treatment of Fragile X syndrome.

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