Molecular biology and virus

Molecular biology and virus service



The Vectorology and Molecular Biology service offers custom plasmid construction and the design, production and purification of viral vectors, in particular lentiviral, retroviral and adeno-associated vectors.


The department has a collection of plasmid backbones and constructs plasmids for all types of experiments: expression in E.coli (various labels, resistance genes, replication origins), in baculovirus (various labels, expression of protein complexes), in mammalian cells, mutagenesis, CRISPR analyses (Cas9 plasmids + 1-4 gRNAs, homologous recombination plasmids), RNA interference, viral vector construction.




The department handles the production of viral vectors, from the construction of the expression plasmid to the production, purification and titration of viral particles: lentiviral vectors are produced at concentrations up to 109TU/ml for use in non-transfectable cells, creation of stable cell lines, for high-throughput CRISPR screening; adeno-associated vectors of different serotypes are produced at concentrations up to 1013 GC/ml and used in vivo in mice for overexpression, inactivation (sh, miRNA, CRISPR knock-out) or gene modification.