Innovating with IGBMC

IGBMC enables you to :

  • identify new therapeutic targets and/or biomarkers for diagnostic applications
  • identify and validate in vitro and in vivo models
  • characterize the action of biological products

How to collaborate with IGBMC research teams?

IGBMC offers several partnership formats:

  • Development of collaborative research programs
  • Joint submission to calls for proposals
  • Supervision of PhD students or master's degree trainees

Find out which IGBMC research team will become your partner by consulting the research teams webpage.

For a company under French law, there are many ways to obtain financial support for public-private R&D partnerships. For example, the CIFRE scheme allows any company under French law to hire a PhD student in collaboration with the IGBMC and benefit from a source of funding. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Customized support

IGBMC partnership service helps to design your innovative project:

  • Matchmaking with the appropriate research teams
  • Follow-up of discussions and advice in setting up the project
  • Proposal of the appropriate partnership format
  • Drafting of the partnership contract

The Institute is accredited for the French research tax credit schemes (CIR/CICo). Several platforms are quality certified (ISO 9001, NF X 50-900).